Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Willie's Place Bankrupt - Trustee Appoints New Operator

From the time I could walk, he'd take me with him
to this old place called the Green Frog Cafe.
There were old men there with beer guts and dominos
lyin' about their lives while they played.

I was just a kid, but they all called me sidekick,
like desperados waiting for a train, desperados waiting for a train.

Carl's Corner - The owners of Willie's Place, named after legendary country singer and Abbott native Willie Nelson, will close for business on January 31st.

Featuring a gas station and truck stop, convenience store, restaurant, theater, and saloon, the 15-acre complex was operated by WN Truck Stop, Inc., LLC..

The problems started when they couldn't find a bank to help them refinance a loan, estimated to be the the $5 to $6 million range.
In May 2010, an attorney for a New Jersey based lender filed a foreclosure suit. According to the Hill County Clerk's Office, the foreclosure suit was filed on April 12th.

Oh, well, the old boy tried to open a filling station with a show room and a saloon out on the old Bobbit Ranch at Mountain Springs. It didn't work out too good, but that's the way the mop flops.

Oh, I could tell y'all about a place called Mountain Springs. It's out on the Old Dallas Highway, the one y'all don't know anything about. Cuts across the top of the mountain where there's fresh water, springs, plenty of wild hogs, deer, everything.

I could tell y'all about the Green Frog Cafe and some people who came from Tennessee after that Civil War, how they got to farming out there.

I could tell you about Maude and how she would have one of her girls drive her out there from the Dark Mansion in the Model A, way back, during the Depression, and have a cold drink and listen to them pick those guitars and everything. I could tell you all about that.

I could tell you all that stuff, but you wouldn't believe me. You'd just think I'm another old man with a beer gut and dominoes, lying about my life while I played.

But if y'all go out there, you're gonna see them green frogs a'danicin' on top of old Carl's place, now. Count on that, y'all.

Play, dawg.

And I said that.
- The Legendary

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