Friday, January 14, 2011

Obama's Green Moves Hostile To Domestic Petroleum Drillers

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American petroleum refinement capacity is at a standstill and has been for more than 40 years.

Petroleum producers who seek to get permits for new refineries are put off and put off to the point where they simply give up and go away.

Production of domestic crude is especially harassed and interdicted by a presidential administration that behaves punitively to deny drillers the opportunity to exploit American reserves.

The net effect is that mideastern and South American petroleum is imported at costly prices and without the true cost of doing business factored in as regards the imperial worldwide military presence required to get the job done.

The true cost of a gallon of motor fuel is much, much higher than the numerals displayed on the pump at the point of purchase.

Here is the lineup of what has occurred so far in this new year to keep the top talent of America, the young and strong who have a need for a decent and adequate living wage and health benefits for their growing families, either flipping burgers, or taking computer classes, or trying to figure out how to survive their military careers with all limbs and appendages intact.

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1. Alaskan drilling is on hold in order to help save vast expanses of polar bear habitat.
2. Lands rich in petroleum must first be cleared by the Obama Administration for drilling, though the law requires an act of Congress to do so.
3. Deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico is still at a stand still nearly 3 months after the ban was lifted. No approval in sight.
4. Refiners are facing new restrictions on carbon dioxide emissions. In an EPA memo, officials said, “The details have yet to be determined.”
5. Increased demand will push gasoline prices as high as $5 per gallon in the third quarter of 2012, according to top oil executives such as the president of Shell Oil.

An Arab oil embargo now would be catastrophic, if not serious.

Petroleum prices just topped $90 per barrel. The price is expected to rise to more than $100 by summer.

- The Legendary, a native son of a great OPEC nation, Texas

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