Saturday, August 21, 2010

DoD Findings: Warning Signs Ignored In Hasan Case

Sloppy files, lack of communication with FBI led to 13 deaths

There were many warning signs.

The FBI was aware of Maj. Nidal Hasan's obsesssion with Islamic doctrine and his violent rhetoric.

A local joint FBI-Army terror task force knew all about the psychiatrist's violent Islamic rants and his internet communications with known Al Qaeda terrorists.

But the investigators never communicated their findings with Army commanders because of an FBI policy.

As a result, the pshychiatrist, whose work records show evaluations as a lazy professional and unsatisfactory performance as a doctor in training, was allowed to counsel veterans of the
Iraq and Afghan wars who returned with clear signs of PTSD.

The people in charge at the FBI now say they are willing to
reverse their procedures.

It's all part of a 23-page report drafted following an extensive
Pentagon investigation into the causes and conditions that led to
a shooting rampage at Ft. Hood's Soldier Processing Center on
Nov. 5. The deadly attack left 13 dead and 32 soldiers wounded.

Major Hasan had been ordered to get ready for a rotation in the
war zone of Iraq, something his religious ideas rendered him
unwilling to do. Instead of reporting to the processing center
with his gear and records, he arrived with a very powerful
semiautomatic handgun and a murderous rage against Christian
doctrine and the nation which he served as a medical officer.

He acted on those feelings, opening fire upon unarmed men with no
means of self defense and he is now charged with 13 counts of
premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated

Key recommendations in the new report include:

*Coordination of intelligence reports and personnel files
*Release of all information to commanding officers
*Consideration of all such known findings by promotions boards

Major Hasan's attorney told newsmen that the report and its
recommendations are too vague for legal comfort.

"This whole report is designed to tell people we need to start
looking for internal threats, but it doesn't say what those
threats are...and calls into question people's privacy and
constitutional rights," said John Gallagin.

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