Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Reader: Get Your Funnies Here, plus an Editorial

If you like a good, old-fashioned Sunday paper, The Legendary recommends
you follow these links to some Sunday Funnies and a take-out with many
links about the pro-Sharia legal sentiments of newly-confirmed Supreme
Court Justice Elena Kagan.

Concerned citizens hold forth on the creeping influence of official spying
on your internet use, with whom you correspond, and your most intimate
pictures and messages.

A hip young cartoonist produces a daily saga about politics, conflict and
the likely findings of anthropologists in future millenia who unearth our

Knowledgeable sources and observers contributed to this take-out by an
internet journalist who pulled many sources together to give an up-to-date
account of the way newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan
in cases that came before the Court when she served as Solicitor General and
during her tenure as Dean of Harvard Law School.

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