Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hugo Chavez Rattles Saber - Decries Colombian "Invasion"

Fidel Castro working hard to quell propaganda spread by Chavez

Cuban Marxist revolutionary leader Fidel Castro spent a big partof the weekend working hard to quell propaganda spread by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Mr. Chavez has been raving about a supposed Colombian plan to
invade Venezuela
from American military bases situated along the
jungle border between the two nations. Though the two nations
broke off diplomatic relations late in July, they restored diplomatic
ties in a meeting yesterday.

Mr. Chavez has blamed "oil giants" for hatching the supposed plot
against his nation.

Mr. Castro invited four Venezuelan television journalists for an
interview on Sunday and gave them this reason why it won't

"First, because Colombia is not interested in doing so; second,
because it can’t do it; third, because it doesn’t want to; and
fourth, because it knows that the consequences would be
disastrous," said Mr. Castro, according to a chief propaganda arm
of the Cuban government, Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Instead, Mr. Castro spent a lot of time convincing the journalists
that the U.S. is planning a nuclear attack on Iran.

The 49 band of the shortwave frequencies is abuzz with
speculation about the rumors of war. Mr. Chavez is threatening
to cut off oil supplies to American refiners if "the Empire,"
meaning the U.S., foments an invasion.

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