Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Picture Show Lights Up For Video Cameras

A video crew was all over downtown Clifton Sunday afternoon
as the mercury hovered at 102º F.

Their mission: To get a load of the sculpture, the native
stone architecture and the picture show - our own Cliftex
Theater, home of the "talkies" since 1916.

According to co-owner Phyllis Gamble, the Texas Cultural
Trust selected Clifton as one of 5 cities in the state
deserving of recognition for its statuary, metal sculpture,
art galleries and public gardens. Dave Shaw of the Austin
PR Agency, Russell-Shaw, and Brandy Nowlin, an account ex-
ecutive, said they are featuring Rockport, El Paso, Amarillo,
Texarkana and Clifton in the program.

A part of the Texas Council on the Arts, the Trust works
with artists, film makers, sculptors, musicians, dancers,
thespians, photographers, writers and poets to bestow
grants, promote local shows and give recognition to Lone
Star creators.

A current public relations theme is "20 Reasons Why Arts In
Texas Are Important," which goes on to list all the things a
paint brush could do in 19 years, such as reducing poverty,
a pair of ballet slippers or a cello, an object just bound
to help battle global warming - and the beat goes on.

The mood is upbeat, trendy, happy and ready for anything and
The Legendary just loves it.

Y'all come!

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