Sunday, August 15, 2010

40 Percent Of Voters Are Independent - AP-GfK Poll

The battle for Congressional control will shape up among
independent voters in the coming November general election.

Independents - 9 out of 10 of whom identify the economy as
the number one problem - will swing the next election,
according to an AP-GfK poll taken in June.

In the number two slot, the numbers diverge along party
lines. Health care is the top problem for Democrats;
terrorism claims the worst of Republican fears.

According to 1,000 people surveyed by landline and cell
phone, the Democratic advantage in Congress has slipped by
many points. Only 32 percent of those who claim no party
allegiance say they want Democrats to keep control of
Congress - down from 52 percent who swept the aisles of the
House of Representatives and put Barack Obama in the White
House in 2008.

Independents trust Republicans more on the economy by 42
percent over 32 percent giving their confidence to

The independent column is identified as the most important
swing vote in the nation, according to AP-GfK polls done in
April, May and June. Forty percent, four out of 10 polled,
identify themselves as independent of either major party.

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