Sunday, August 1, 2010

Juarez IED Attack Similar To Mideast Terror - FBI

A July 15 car bombing on a downtown Juarez street has
federal law enforcement officials convinced drug cartels are
adopting mideast terror tactics.

FBI and ATF agents gave Mexican police on-the-spot training
on how to reconstruct the "improvised explosive device"
(IED) that drug smugglers used after they lured a federal
agent and a paramedic into the blast zone by dressing a man in a police uniform and laying the body on the ground next to a car stuffed with explosives. Then they detonated the bomb.

The device and the tactic are very similar to those used in
hot spots such as Afghanistan, according to federal lawmen.

A story in "The El Paso Times" attributed the attack to
enforcers with the Carrilloo Fuentes drug cartel, something
done to retaliate for the arrest of Jesus Armando Acosta
Guerrero. He was arrested in connection with the November 4
shooting at a night club which left 6 men dead, including an
airman from Holloman Air Force Base.

There is growing suspicion among officials in the Department
of Homeland Security that Hamas and Hezbolla
operatives are
advising the drug cartels in terror tactics and spending
large amounts of money to have their soldiers smuggled
across the U.S. border from Mexico.

Other intelligence sources have carried news of such car bombings
in Mexico now for the better part of this decade. Such commercial
intelligence services as Stratfor and often carry
discussions of Mexican terrorist organizations espousing environ-
mental, drug cartel or Marxist ideology.

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