Thursday, August 26, 2010

ICE: Amnesty For 17,000 Deportees - 2,500 in Houston

Non-violent or those related to legals given top priority

Department of Homeland Security and ICE officials are planning to dismiss deportation proceedings against 17,000 illegal aliens.

Cases of illegal aliens who are not violent, a threat to national security, and are related to a legal resident, receive top priority, according to a memo written by Assistant Secretary of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Joe Morton.

Victims of trafficking in humans also receive amnesty,
according to published reports. Some 2,500 cases in Houston
have been culled over the past month.

Meanwhile, Texas officials calculate that the cost of
incarcerating illegal aliens in Texas prisons and providing
indigent health care topped "at least" $250 million last

What's more, while polls show most Americans want illegal
immigration brought under control, some 218 bodies of
illegals who died in the deserts of Pima County trying to
make it to Phoenix were recovered in 2009. So far this
year, authorities have recovered the remains of 170 in the
same area.

a long-standing policy of opposition to the border fence in
Arizona and espoused the state government's new get-tough
policy toward illegal immigration.

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