Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Washington State Senate Race Could Tip D.C. Balance Of Power

People are watching the race between a three-term Democratic veteran and her Republican challenger very closely.

A defeat for the incumbent could tip the balance of power in the U.S. Senate.

Senator Patty Murray says a vote for Dino Rossi is a vote for “the failed policies” of former President George W. Bush.

He vows to put the state, which is heavily dependent on military-industrial complex spending in aerospace industries, logging and agricultural subsidies, and government programs emphasizing ecological regulation, on a “pork-free diet.”

The Senator has staying power. She was once described as a “mom in tennis shoes” by a political rival. The image stuck. In fact, she proudly carries the image with her today, proof that such a creature can aspire to the heights of the D.C. power pyramid.

She is fourth in line in Senate Democratic leadership.

Murray took 46 percent of the vote, in contrast with Rossi's 34 percent. GOP contender Clint Didier, a former Washington Redskins player with Tea Party backing, was in third place with 12 percent after 59 percent of the expeted votes were counted.

Mr. Rossi is a real estate investor. He sticks to conservative ideology when it comes to spending, while Senator Murray is a firm believer in earmarks. For instance, she has secured federal funds for maintenance and refurbishment of the state's extensive system of hydroelectric dams and reservoirs.

Said Mr. Rossi, "People understand that we're spending too much money," Rossi said. "They know that you can't keep borrowing from the Chinese and Saudis and printing money and expect all that to pan out just fine, because it won't."

He has campaigned on a note of protest against the incumbent's vote for the financial reform bill and her enthusiastic support of bringing home earmarked federal dollars while the deficit soars.

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