Monday, August 9, 2010

Top Zetas Killed Inside A Matamoros Prison

Tamaulipas under siege from Matamoros to Reynosa and Laredo

Matamoros -- Word on the streets has it that a baker's dozen
of ex-special forces soldiers gone bad bought the farm in a
prison where they were sent to die.

An estimated 28,000 people have died in gang violence since
Mexican President Felipe Calderon ordered an army crackdown
on drug cartels.

Last Friday, 14 more, members of the ultra-violent Zeta faction
of ex-commandos from Mexican Army Special Forces, died in a pri-
son "riot," according to Legendary sources.

About 5 a.m. prisoners began to arm themselves with
makeshift picks and homemade knives, then attacked a group
of the notorious Zetas, ex-commandos and former hit men for
the Gulf Cartel who are famous for their signature method of
killing by beheading heir victims.

The names of the dead have not yet been released.

Masters of psy-war techniques, the Zetas were once led by a
Gulf Cartel boss named "el beto Fabe," or Alberto Castillo,
who let his brother, "El Apache," also known as either
Arturo Castillo or Oscar Castillo Flores, carry out raids
for both sides in the war between the Sinaloa and Gulf
Cartels before breaking away to form their own operation.

The latest skirmish resulted in the arrest of a large number
of the Zetas, who were hemmed in the prison and executed in
the riot.

Pitched firefights in the streets are routine.

It's a war that has led to international bridge closings and
the removal of consular employees' families from American
Consulates all along the border from Matamoros to Juarez.

Executions usually begin with a convoy of heavily armed men
riding in SUV's and sedans throwing up roadblocks in a
neighborhood, then raiding a house where they either pull
their targets out into the street for a public killing, or
carry them away to remote ranches for extended torture and a
slow death.

Now the Gulf and Sinaloa cartels have united against the
Zetas, who went so far in recent weeks to actually run ads
in local newspapers and on broadcasting stations on both
sides of the border warning their enemies to get out of

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  1. One of the 14 who got killd wuz allan martinez 23 years old my cousin