Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Question: Will Chet Edwards Sign Discharge Petition?

Americans For Prosperity Boss: His Key Vote Was For Pelosi

Austin -- Peggy Venable, state director of Americans For Pros-
, asked Chet Edwards in a videotaped statement today if
he intends to sign the Discharge Petition that would start the
process of repeal of ObamaCare.

The conservative organization claims it has more than one
million members nationwide.

Mr. Edwards was the only member of the Texas Democratic
delegation who voted against the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act of 2010.

His key vote was to vote for Nancy Pelosi, she said, while
castigating her policies as liberal actions that have cost
the economy many jobs and much prosperity.

Ms. Venable said Mr. Edwards' vote was more of a "pass" from
the House of Representatives' leadership than a vote against
the health care act. However, Mr. Edwards voted for a
resolution that allowed the bill to come to the floor of the
House as if it had been deemed passed. The discharge
petition, which was introduced by Rep. Steven King (R-Ia.),
would discharge the legislation from the Energy and
Commerce, Ways and Means, Education and Labor, Judiciary,
Natural Resources, Rules, House Administration, and
Appropriations Committees. So far, 170 Representatives have
signed the provision. It would take 218 signatures to get
the application to repeal the Patient Care Act started.

Mr. Edwards serves on the Appropriations Committee and
chairs a key subcommittee in that organization dealing with
VA and military construction.

In remarks off-camera, she characterized compulsory health
care legislation this way.

"What's next? Will we all have to buy a blue car?"

In other areas, AFP literature criticizes Mr. Edwards for failing to
sign a pledge to not impose taxes over climatic conditions, to op-
pose internet regulation, protect taxpayers, and to sign the Defen-
der of the American Dream Pledge. The organization has devoted
the entire back page of a 4-color process collateral piece printed
on glossy card stock to issues affecting CD-17. There is a petition
mentioned on the piece, along with the alarming statistics that

"Our government is in the middle of a spending crisis. U.S. Gov-
ernment spending per household has INCREASED an astounding
40% in the last 10 years and will increase another 40% in the next

A Florida judge granted status to bring suit in an action to nullify
the ObamaCare law, something which Ms. Venable says is receiving
broad-based support from members of her organization.

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