Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rolling Stone Journalist Denied Afghan "Embed"

Army honchos have denied free-lance journalist Michael
Hastings the permission to be embedded with troops fighting
in the war in Afghanistan.

Mr. Hastings wrote a controversial "fly on the wall" article
about Gen. Stan McChrystal, commander of the
counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan that cost him his job.

In interviews given at the time, Mr. Hastings said he did
not feel that he was responsible for the outcome of his

"I was simply trying to write the best article I could about
the war in Afghanistan."

He also said he did not think the General and his staff had
become so used to his "hanging around" that they let their
guard down in front of him. The most controversial things
said about President Obama, his chief of staff and other
administration officials came "within the first 24 hours" of
his time with the command.

Mr. Hastings is a veteran of 2 years reporting for
"Newsweek" on the Iraq war.

1 comment:

  1. It is well understood among those who engage in hors d'combat that the fighting men among us do not fight for country and king, flag, holy writ or the dried ink on treaties, constitutions, edicts and pronunciamentos.


    They fight for their brothers in arms. There is no one else to whom they may turn when the chips are down.

    From what I read of Mr. Hastings' article, Gen. McChrystal made that perfectly clear. I was favorably impressed. The general is fighting an unseen enemy on every turn and twist of the path in torturous terrain with the tried and true tactics of counterinsurgency. He does his best for his brothers in arms and that is what it's all about.

    So. Fire him in ignominy; heap calumny upon his record and stoke the fires of resentment with any old fuel you may. It is so and that is that. It is what it is, as they say.

    De Opreso Libre.

    Your pal