Sunday, August 15, 2010

E-Mail Chatter: Disinformation Campaign Intensifies

Chain letter making the rounds about Arizona Weapons seizure

An indication of how volatile the border security battle for
hearts and minds really hit thousands of e-mail boxes
over the weekend.

"Look What The Border Patrol Seized On the Arizona Border,"
the material trumpeted, complete with many attachments of
sharply defined color pictures of dozens upon dozens of
assault rifles, rocket-propelled and hand grenades, hundreds
of loaded magazines and boxes and boxes of small arms ammo.

One picture is captioned, "A grenade like this can fetch
$5,000 on the streets."

As it turns out, it's a disinformation hoax all about how
"our federal government won't do its job of defending our
borders," etc.

According to the e-mail:

"Look what they found on the Arizona border! Date: Friday,
June 11, 2010, 1:37 PM Janet Napolitano is in so over her
head! She's incompetent, like the rest of that group!

"Well, Janet Napolitano must have been looking the other way
when she said we don't have a big problem on the Arizona
Border. What was she thinking?? Remember these are only the
ones they found. It 's time for all of us to put the
pressure on all our elected officials to stop this vote
pursuing ignorance of a huge problem.


"Why we MUST support our friends in ARIZONA. This seizure
was five days ago. Located on the Arizona border! Exactly
where did you hear about it in OUR media ?????"

I found it on "Fact Check" and in an article printed in "The
Houston Chronicle on May 11
and attributed to the Mexican
newspaper, "El Norte" by the news agency, BNO, datelined

The problem is, the weapons cache was seized 3 months ago,
not on the Arizona border, but 70 miles south of the Texas
border near Higueras, Nuevo Leon.

The U.S. Border Patrol had nothing to do with the operation.
It was a seizure carried out by the Mexican Army. A unit of
infantry came across a Zeta training camp on a ranch in the
brush country amid the gas fields between Monterrey and the

When the Mexican troopers raided, a firefight took place and
one of the insurgents was killed. The rest took to their
heels and escaped.
"Mexico's Army Seizes Huge Drug-Cartel Weapons Cache
"Tuesday, May 11, 2010 5:18:13 PM by BNO News

"MONTERREY, MEXICO (BNO NEWS) - The Mexican Army on Tuesday
seized a huge drug-cartel weapons cache in the northern
state of Nuevo Leon, local media reported.

"The cache of 130 assault rifles, machine guns, grenades,
grenade launchers, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and a
rocket launcher was seized at a ranch in Higueras, northwest
of Monterrey, the El Norte newspaper reported.

"When the military arrived, a gunfight ensued and one gunman
was killed, the newspaper added quoting military sources.

"An unknown number of gunmen escaped leaving the weapons
cache and at least 12 SUVs containing military and police

True, the Zetas are muy bad hombres. Their signature method
of killing is by beheading people they have first tortured -
standard operating procedure for insurgent light infantry
fighters carrying out a terror campaign.

Though it's alarming that Mexican Special Forces soldiers
have taken French leave and joined the drug cartels, forming
their own outlaw group, the Zetas, it's even more alarming
to contemplate the potential for a false flag event
perpetrated by splinter parties or an unscrupulous
government official on either side of the border.

It's happened before, as recently as 1933 on the Polish
border with Germany, when Nazi propaganda chief Josef
Goebbels touched off a war with a false flag event over a
supposed "invasion" of a radio station.

Nazi operatives dressed a soldier in the uniform of the Polish
army, shot him and claimed he was trying to sabotage the
radio station.

The disinformation campaign led to the start of World War

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