Saturday, August 6, 2011

Average 401(k) has lost $11,736 in value since July 21

Yeah, well, then, folks will find out what it's really like - once they have them naked and sweating and really showing their desire to make it, really make it. Because that's the way these people play the game. They own nothing; they produce nothing. Greed is good! How sweet it is. - The Legendary And when the game is over and everyone is living in the streets, you will do as you are told - or else. Bon appetit!


  1. Hello Legendary--Your news about the average
    401(k) being down because of the global economic issues certainly got my attention. Thanks! I also have a blogspot blog & hope you will stop by and lend your comment. It is about Work, Careers & Jobs@40+

  2. Brenda, many thanks. You just made my day. The good news is that people like yourself who still know how to think and plan ahead and work smarter - they're going to make it. I'm gonna love it, watching you and your friends make it and come up winners. That's what I'm talking about. - The Legendary Jim Parks