Sunday, August 14, 2011

Perry steals thunder from victory of "Queen of Rage"

Ames – Just as they tallied the votes in the Iowa Straw Poll, Governor Rick Perry stepped forward and announced he is a candidate for President.

In a conference call to South Carolina supporters, the Governor timed his announcement with the result of the first-ever official state poll for the 2012 Republican nomination.

Similarly, ex-Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin toured the fair grounds keeping mum while in search of some fried butter.


That's what the lady said.

Reminds me of comedian Steven Wright's fabled instant water.

You kind of wonder what do you add to the recipe.

The results, Minnesota Representative Michelle Bachmann, 28%; Representative Ron Paul, 27%; former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, third with 13%, former Pennsylvania Rick Santorum, 9%, were thereby diminished more by Perry's absence than by anything he could have done by turning in a stellar performance.

Naturally, the Democratic National Committee stepped in with a 30-second spot highlighting a foot in mouth gaffe by non-starter former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as he loudly proclaimed “Corporations are persons.” Uh, yeah. Uh huh.

Yes, mi'lord, but very like a whale. Very.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the High Sheriff soldiers on among the nattering nabobs, yammering yahoos, howling hoosiers and hooting hoi polloi as he considers a nasty fight with the GOP types over - you guessed it - the economy, according to "The New York Times."

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