Monday, August 8, 2011

Bamboo Bob d'Hollywood spanks liberal leftists in public

The generic left-lashing Hollywood lounge lizard has arisen in protest to his colleagues' tinseltown tirades and tantrums.

Behold, Bamboo Bob of the cocktail circuit, who bills himself as a spanker of liberals who needs a good warming of their sweet patooties - in public.

This cat pulls in all the stops, including The Duke - in his cups, no doubt - doing a soliloquy of the word - "republic" - for which he stood, as he discussed and cussed sobriety, shaving, his young'un's first step and the tight feeling he got in his throat when he heard that kid "make his first sound like a man."

Totally schmaltzistic. Yay-us! Sock it to me, John Wayne.

Naturally, there is classic film to behold, including Sean Penn saying Dub-yah and company should all be in "F___'in jail," Opie himself pitching the O-man for Prez, and that favorite son of macho, Alec Baldwin, doing the lefto-liberal-ola thing on-camera, naturally.

If that doesn't hold you, there are muchas double entendres, lots of illegal immigration rant, and plenty of sight gags. Click here for a liberal (!) sampling of Bamboo Bob's YouTube rant.

Enjoy! - The Legendary

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