Friday, August 12, 2011

Parolee confesses to murder of Lacy Lakeview woman

Hillsboro – A Waco area woman lay in the scorching sun beside a rural Hill County road for a week, her body so badly decomposed passersby on the lonely stretch of highway thought it was the carcass of an animal.

When a farmer found the remains and realized they are human, medical examiners quickly identified them as those of Arlicia Williams, 26, of Lacy Lakeview, who was last seen on video surveillance cameras with a 32-year-old parolee who earlier in the year assaulted her and unlawfully restrained her. Arrested on the charges on June 28, jail records show that authorities released him July 7 on bond after a McLennan County judge set his bond at $4,000. McLennan County Commissioenrs' Court has endorsed an association of urban counties recommendation that parolees awaiting extradition to other states on parole violations be released pending the revocation proceedings.

Joseph Jones, a man who was wanted on a parole violation warrant out of Indiana, awaits murder charges in the killing. According to his confession, the last few moments of Ms. Williams' life were horrific. He forced her out of her own car at the intersection of F.M. 308 and HCR 3150 near Penelope, hit her with the car, then backed up and ran over her again.

The two had last been seen checking into a Motel 6 in Hillsboro where cameras at a doughnut shop and another motel later spotted Mr. Jones parking the bloody car and walking away from it. When confronted with the evidence, according to Hill County Sheriff's Department investigator Wes Collins, he readily gave a statement concerning how he killed his ex-girlfriend and left her lifeless body on the side of road like a stricken deer carcass to slowly decompose in the triple-digit heat of August.

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