Wednesday, August 10, 2011

There was a time - though it is now long forgotten...

- And you will find this is standard Naval doctrine, shipmates - when l'America was really and truly an island, a tiny sliver of land captured between an impenetrable wilderness and massive oceans so difficult to cross. Commerce was limited to that which could be produced and exported and traded for that which was imported and massive duties paid thereon.

That was truly the infancy of the Republic, and then in her first blush of adolescence, she fought for and won a grudging measure of independence from her former colonizer, who was then obliged to protect her shores from rival trading nations with its massive Navy. This period of adolescence persisted until the seemingly sudden advent of the industrial revolution, when America became a truly two ocean naval power and took on foreign powers with impunity - again, because of the insulating and protective character of her position between two oceans...

But, now, a bunch of insane idiots have removed all semblance and every shred of America's protected status by removing all barriers and protections of trade, turning the great industrial corporations into slinking pariahs seeking solace on foreign shores in a respite from punitive taxes, and turned the banking houses into orphanages exploited by greedy goniffs with the wherewithal to buy off our corrupt public officials.

It is our right; it is our duty to respond in kind and forthwith. Shall we rise to the challenge? Will we shrink from the gauntlet flung so squarely under our noses?

- The Legendary

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