Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tea Party lobby spread bogus absentee ballots

Dirty tricks department in overtime on anti-union recall feud

Madison – Tea Party activists funded by anti-union industrialists such as Koch Industries and WellPoint Healthcare reportedly flooded heavily Republican districts with absentee ballots marked with bogus information.

The ballots, which were mailed to voters by such organizations as Americans For Prosperity, stated that the deadline for turning them in was August 11, while the true cutoff date for absentee balloting was August 9.

Republicans maintained a one-vote majority in the state Senate in recall elections in which 4 incumbents gained re-election and 2 Democrats defeated GOP Senators.

Union labor organizations, angered by Republican Scott Walker's budget, which eliminated much of their rights to collective bargaining with state government, engineered the recall in retaliation for key GOP Senators' support of the anti-union legislation.

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