Sunday, August 7, 2011

Documentary film makers use social media methods

Documentary film makers Anabel Park and Eric Byler directed an award-winning documentary produced on a shoe string that documented an anti-illegal immigration election in the Washington, D.C. area.

As an interactive project, the film took shape on their YouTube channel, then turned it into a feature-length documentary that took the top award at the Charlotte Film Festival later that year of 2007. The feature pre-dated the controversial Arizona legislation of 2010, which was eventually struck down by federal courts.

They later founded the Coffee Party USA on a Facebook page in reaction to what they saw as abusive and false billing of the Tea Party as truly representative of concerned Americans. One may visit their website at or at their Facebook page.

A local activist, Shane Brooks, became disaffected with the Waco Tea Party and joined the Coffee Party. He, too, has a Facebook page directed to Waco and central Texans. There is a similar page for Houston.

The interactive documentary is still available in multiple parts on their YouTube channel listed as 9500 Liberty

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