Thursday, August 4, 2011

New federal salmonella standards allow bacteria in meat

SANDUSKY – Under new standards changed just last month, the USDA allows for a certain amount of salmonella to be in poultry products like turkey and chicken.

Inspectors found some turkey produced by a Cargill's plant to be tainted, prompting a federal recall of 36 million pounds of the product produced by that company and other firms.

For both poultry and ground beef, 7.5 percent of meat is allowed to test positive for salmonella. That's down from 20 percent, which was allowed earlier this year, when the turkey outbreak first started.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture also conducts its own testing and meat inspection with ground turkey. The department told a local television, WKYC Channel 3, that over a certain time period, 23 one-quarter pound samples are tested. Under the new standards, if 13 come back positive for salmonella, corrective action is taken.


  1. So much for tax payer funded watchdogs. Maybe, in some twisted way, some folks were right all along...let the "free market" work and let corporate industries police themselves. At this point, I don't think it matter either way. With or without the sad state of our current "government", it's profits over people. It's getting sadder to watch.

  2. "Watch out where the huskies go. Don't you eat that yellow snow..." Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention