Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dallas County Commissioner shoves TV reporters

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price refused to let television news crews accompany Commissioner Maurine Dickey into a warehouse in a quest to locate satellite emergency communications equipment that has gone unaccounted for.

The embattled Commissioner shoved and hit the reporters and cameramen, denying them access to public property, his office at the road and bridge precinct barn.

Mr. Price is the focus of a federal investigation into alleged fraud and official misconduct.

Ms. Dickey politely asked the reporters to leave so that she would be allowed to see if the equipment is in fact located at his building. She later told newsmen that she did not see it anywhere they searched for it.

Mr. Price has over the years assaulted various television news cremen, police officers and bystandeers. He often shouts obscenities at meetings of the Commissioners' Court.

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