Thursday, September 13, 2012

Granny with bladder blues calls unnecessary roughness

Keene, Texas – It's a junction on U.S. Highway 67 between Alvarado and Cleburne, an enclave community of Seventh Day Adventists that is the home of that denomination's university.

Most folks know it's a speed trap, the kind of place that will write a motorist a moving violation for just a minor infraction. Those with outstanding warrants know it's best to just drive around Keene. No percentage in showing yourself there.

When Sgt. Gene Geheb clocked Lynne Bedford, 77, doing a speed his radar unit calculated at 16 miles per hour above the speed limit, he pulled her over and demanded license and insurance.

She refused. The lady needed to go to the bathroom, she said, because of a bladder infection. Judge for yourself as to what happened next.

There are two views. The first was made from a camera attached to the officer's uniform. That's the one television editors used, sanitizing it considerably.

The other view, made from the squad car's dash camera, shows a very different story. This dude just hauled off and jerked granny out of the car, where she fell on her rump in the roadside.

She claims he hurt her arm. He says she was unreasonably resistant to his investigation.

Despite her - ah, well, let's see -  urinary urgency - the lady spent about 35 minutes cuffed, sitting in the back seat of Sgt. Geheb's "unit." 

The lawyers are involved. Hoo, boy. And all the little birdies. 

Come on, people. We're talking reality check, here. U.S. Hwy 67 terminates at Presidio, Texas, the "sister" community to Ojinaga, across the Rio Grande. That Department of Homeland Security supplies the police with a lot of their gear. 

Do you wonder how many loads of illegals and contraband rolled past while the sergeant and grandma bug - tusselled over her bladder infection? They're both old enough to know better. 

- The Legendary

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