Sunday, September 16, 2012

Two constitutional offices to be filled by appointment

Is something wrong with this picture?
Waco – The Commissioners Court will meet Monday morning at 10 a.m. to decide who will conduct its business, admit estates to probate, adjudicate mental patients and juvenile offenders, and bank and disburse the taxpayers' money.
After adoption of a new, higher tax rate and a budget for fiscal year 2013, McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis and County Treasurer Danny Volcik, both of whom have two years to run on their elected terms, decided to opt out.
They both resigned.
They will be replaced by appointment, thus obviating the process of nomination through a party primary election and selection by the voters in a general election.
They are both Republicans.
County Judge Jim Lewis announced he would be leaving at the end of the fiscal year on the last day of September. County Treasurer Danny Volcik made an identical announcement only a day or two later.
Judge Lewis told news outlets he wants to spend more time with his wife and family. Mr. Volcik said he has some health problems.
According to the local daily newspaper, The Waco “Tribune-Herald,” “The pool of applicants includes longtime McLennan County Clerk Andy Harwell and Lynne Lockwood, who has worked as Lewis’ chief administrator since 1991.
“Kimberly Schott, a prosecutor in the McLennan County district attorney’s office, is one of multiple lawyers to apply. The list also includes Ralph Cooper, who (running as a Democrat) unsuccessfully tried to unseat Lewis in 2010.
“Other applicants are: Shelly Cawthon, Gary Cunha, Galen Edwards, Scott Felton, J. Douglas Froneberger, Richard Fry, Nate Goldenberg, Laura Harrington, Michael Holcomb, Charles Hutyra, Jayhugh Beecher Leutwyler III, Jewel Lockridge, Fred Swaner and José Villanueva.
Applicants for the Treasurer's job include “Sheriff’s Capt. Paul Wash, a certified public accountant and former assistant county auditor, and James Garrett, who works for a Waco accounting firm.
“They join former county treasurer Bill Helton, assistant county auditor Staci Britton Stone, attorney Kevin McKethan and banker William S. Martin in seeking the appointment.
I guess it is a good old boys' club, after all. Aren't you glad you aren't a member? Just imagine what a strain it must be to pay the dues and other annual assessments appertaining thereunto, etc., etc. - The Legendary


  1. What about the sheriffs association now backing McNamara,I GUESS THEY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THERE JOB. NOW THEY GOT IT MADE,TRASHED McNamara now support him.

  2. Of course they have to back him... It's been made perfectly clear you are either with the posse or against it........

  3. Y'all folks are stupid. Y'all would probably not support your next boss. Makes since only if your a retard looking for unemployment.