Sunday, September 23, 2012

Waco journalists suddenly all-in for social media

Six Shooter Junction – A week on the square watching Buddy get his showed The Legendary a new wrinkle.

For the first time in remembrance, these folks are wide awake, just like N'Yawk, L.A., Paris, London, Rome – and, oh, yes, Okeechobee.

Suddenly, the TV hounds, news scribblers, on-air talent, and beat men are tweeting, twittering, facebooking and e-mailing with wild abandon, trying to be first on the street with the latest development in crime, passion, politics and the courts.

The Trib's dude under the dome still strolls into the judges' chambers, but now he makes like a pool reporter and reports to the rest of the tribe what's coming off – once he's got it on his tablet, twitted, tweeting, and winging its way through cyberspace.

Ditto the tellies and talking heads, the politico scoopers and all those telephone talkers multifaxing the latest po-leece deals on wheels, spills, chills and other bleeds-it-leads cut and shoot jazz like that.

Such a deal.

Looks like Buffet's boys from Omaha came down with a little something to shake up a little dust.

You wear it well, Six Shooter-ites.

But, wait, there's more. District Attorney Abel Reyna has inaugurated a new Facebook page to keep people updated on his activities. He said he was upset when the newspaper folks trumpeted the misinformation that he would be spending the week at a conference in South Padre Island. He was even more upset when he was unable to achieve a correction of the matter, so...

T'is a refreshing change from waiting for your biological clocks to be wrong twice a day while we all wait for Miz Polly and Paw Paw Prunellins to dee-cide if it's gon' be all right for the folks to know what is next, put the official stamp of approval on there, and release the information in a timely fashion.

And all the little birdies on Jay-Bird Street.

I am sincere.

With gratitude,
- The Legendary

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