Friday, September 21, 2012

Pakistani holiday for protest of anti-Islam video

Pap sees it this way, in remembrance... 
The Yankee got uptight over the money situation.

He issued a mess of silver-backed certificates on his own signature as President.Then he put together a junta in the Senate who rallied their outfit in the House to cut the oil depletion tax allowance in about half.(click here for the greenback report)

They blew his brains out on the Courthouse Square in downtown, hometown you know where. TV put you there, push button live.

Not too long after that, plumb kill crazy as they were, we all got our Greetings:By the time the killing was done, the nation was just about bankrupt, so the skin flint the Mafia elected took us off the gold standard.(click here for a report on how it's done)

They got to borrowing from foreign outfits. What else would you young'uns expect from a bunch of bankers?

That outfit got to trading with what was available, dirt cheap, and it was oily and stinky and necessary to get the job done.

The rest of it is all about the elbow room blues, where soldiering is the best bet in town, and it don't get no better because they say so.Very Truly,- The Legendary(click here for a report on the many uses of social media propaganda in the information age, in the avant electronic village, etc., etc.)

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