Saturday, September 8, 2012

This is completely legal - build an AR-15, no permit



  1. It should be noted that the lower has the SN# so when you buy a lower it's the same as buying a complete AR to include all the paper work just like when you buy a complete AR or any other gun.

  2. But that's precisely the point, sir. If you finish the work yourself, there is no serial number. One may engrave his name, or something, to distinguish the weapon from all others, but no serial number is required. There is also no need for a manufacturer's permit - nothing of the kind. All the other components are available as kits. It's as if a man went out to his forge and completely manufactured his own "Old Betsy" squirrel rifle. The distinction is that the weapon is manufactured for a man's personal use. It is never to be re-sold to a member of the public. Presumably, it may be handed down as an heirloom, as personal property.

    The job may be done with something as sophisticated as a computerized milling machine, or it may be finished with an ordinary drill press and a Dremel tool. With the use of a jig and a set of plans, the job is finished, either way. - The Legendary

    It's called the Second Amendment. "Come and take it."

  3. My Legendary, you are correct, I was talking about buying the lower that has already milled and building it from there.