Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Molesting little girls nets man seven life terms

Though he denied it in court, Jeffery Harold Ackors murdered a Potter County man during a burglary of a habitation near Amarillo when he was only 16.

Confronted with that and other offenses of record after his conviction on seven counts of continual sexual abuse of a child less than 14 years of age, he denied it ever happened.

“It was not shown that I threatened either one of those girls,” he told Judge Matt Johnson just moments before he sentenced him to seven consecutive life terms.

“There's been like 10 or more years between the murder charge and the burglary charge,” he pointed out.

Prosecutor Britney Lannen told the judge, “Your honor, this is one of the most egregious offenses we have seen...I can't imagaine a more atrocious crime.”

She and most females within ear shot on the third floor of the McLennan County Courthouse all said that Mr. Ackors continued to sexually abuse the two little girls, both of whom are members of his family, as he cross examined them on the witness stand earlier this week.

Both of the elementary school age girls gladly accepted the comfort offered by a high-spirited 'therapy dog' they proudly led into the courtroom and onto the witness stand with them. 

His manipulation of the mother and the fact that the girls testified that he had threatened to hurt them if they ever told anyone constituted a gross miscarriage of a power relation between helpless children and an adult endowed with what they no doubt viewed as unlimited powers during the time they were repeatedly assaulted at the ages of 8 and 10, according to women asked at random in the offices and corridors of the Courthouse.

Ms. Lannen asked for and got the maximum sentence for each of the counts for which she prosecuted Mr. Ackors.

He and the attorney the judge appointed to stand by and make sure he received a fair trial while he represented himself in the judge trial both said he will file an immediate notice of an appeal. They did not elaborate on what grounds they would seek a hearing.

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