Tuesday, July 20, 2010

...To Peacefully Assemble To Petition The Government...

Americans For Prosperity, Tea Party “Sour On Spending” at Waco's Heritage Square

The people are pleasant enough, even cheerful, but underneath every smile, behind every casual remark, is an attitude of steely resolve.

These people have seen the future and they know it doesn't work.

They want to take back their United States of America.

They want to see the eagle grin when they squeeze the green off that dollar bill and press it.

Then they want to hang it up to dry so their grandkids will still have something to hold on to when they grow up besides a tax statement and a debt service, something to wear that will keep them warm when the winter winds howl and the wolf is at the door.

In the space of the latest few years of their lives, these people have seen the federal budget explode from a multi-billion dollar surplus to a rapidly ballooning $1.5 trillion deficit and they can't see any other way out of their problems other than to curb the runaway, willy nilly tax and spend insanity.

There is no other way – at least, no other way they can see other than to vote the rascals who are doing this to them out - out of office, out of mind, out back of beyond and way past never never - until they will never again have to pay any attention to that man behind the curtain.

In short, they have seen the wizard and they don't want to see any more. Enough is enough.

At least, it seemed that way to the 50 or so people gathered in the heat of Tuesday's noon hour at Heritage Square Park in front of Waco's City Hall.

Consider the words of Peggy Venable, state director of Americans for Prosperity, a lady who travels out of Austin to spread a growing message of distrust for federal lawmakers who she says are robbing our grandkids.

“Congress is really overspending. They are not gauging our children's future.”

What about the budget shortfall in the Texas state budget?

“ State Representative Doc Anderson says they won't raise taxes to cover the budget shortfall,” she said, the only bright spot in her message to like-minded voters.

The solution?

There are several months remaining before that fateful day, November 2, when voters will go to the polls and separate the sheep from the goats.

“A lot of the media is eager to demonize us,” said Ms. Venable. “That falls on deaf ears with many Americans who are eager to take back America.”

According to Cindy Mallette, who is the local grass roots and communications manager for Americans for Prosperity, a group that has aligned itself with the Tea Parties nationwide,

“We really need people who will do a little to persuade Congressmen to cut spending.”

What would that little something be?

If volunteers will e-mail her at cindy@afptx.org, she will show them how to contact prospects through phone banks from the convenience of their own homes, send e-mails to people who are interested in freedom issues, especially fiscal freedom from high taxes.

There are other tasks to perform, chiefly hanging cardboard doorknob notices on peoples' porches to let them know there is an alternative brewing in their own neighborhood at meet-ups and get togethers all over town.

Ms. Venable added that Harley-Davidson dealers readily make parking lot space available for rallies and meet-ups all over America.

Like the Tea Party, Americans for Prosperity is an issue-oriented, direct action coalition of like-minded people who do not espouse any particular ideology or back any slate of candidates. Their goal is to heighten awareness among the voting public of what they see as an extreme need for a screeching halt to deficit spending by their government.

Liberal dailies on the east coast have accused Americans for Prosperity of being a front for large corporations who are angling for a re-do of the tax code.

Sounds familiar to The Legendary. One has only to remind one self of that tea merchant of Boston, Massachusetts, Mr. John Hancock, who threw a tea party on a full moon night and touched off something the Committees of Correspsondence could hardly keep up with in their writings throughout the colonies.

In fact, what larger corporate organization is there other than the government of the United States of America? Who are its shareholders?


Come on and ramble along, y'all. We are going to have a lot of fun doing this. I just know it.

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