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War On Terror Caused By A False Flag Conspiracy?

"Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup" alleges it happened

More than one man has alleged that the World Trade Center
buildings were brought down by an engineered, controlled
demolition charges.

One of them was actually inside the building when the
charges went off and lived to tell about it. His story,
told early and often, seems to have doomed him to an early

Barry Jennings was perfectly healthy, and yet he
suddenly dropped dead just two days before an expert report
on the structural integrity of Building 7 of the World Trade
Center, in which he was trapped on 9/11, appeared.

Mr. Jennings joined the New York City Housing Authority as a
CETA affirmative action employee in the seventies. By the
time he and New York Corporation Counsel Michael Hess were
dispatched to the Emergency Operations Center inside
Building 7 on 9/11, he was a Deputy Director in charge of
emergency operations for the Authority.

The story he told ABC Eyewitness News just moments after a
fireman rescued he and Mr. Hess does not jibe with the
official version of what happened that day.

Mr. Jennings said then and in an exclusive interview with a
documentary film maker in 2008 that he experienced the
vibration and deafeningly loud explosions on the lower
floors of the building. He was on the 23rd floor in the
emergency ops center.

Following his sudden and mysterious death later that year on
August 19, documentary film makers retained a private
investigator to get to the bottom of just what happened to
He suddenly withdrew, refunded his retainer, and said it was
a matter for the police, that it was likely Mr. Jennings was

There is much more information on the website named

There is also a lot more to the story. Here are some of the
more intriguing details.

A nuclear physicist named Stephen E. Jones, Ph.D., examined
some curious chips formed in red and gray layers that were
found mixed in with the debris and the dust as fine as
talcum powder the explosions made of the hundreds of
thousands of tons of concrete when the buildings collasped.

He analyzed them by spectrographic inspection and
photographed these tiny chips with an electron microscope
and learned they are actually tiny bits of the extremely
volatile incendiary explosive named thermite - a complicated
molecule combined of black iron oxide, aluminum powder and
certain other heat producing chemicals it takes to make the
stuff blow sky high, such as magnesium ribbon.

Once detonated, it burns until it burns out, through the
Earth's crust and right down into solid rock. Nothing will
stop its rapid oxidation following an initial explosion.

That's why the military uses it to destroy safes filled with
top secret documents, to destroy communications computers
and weapons systems that are in danger of being captured by
an enemy invader. It will melt through the barrel of a
cannon in minutes.

Dr. Jones found significant quantities of the nanothermite
material mixed in with the highly toxic dust that filled the
trade center's ruins and the surrounding streets.

The explosions that brought down the twin towers and
Building Seven were so hot they left structural steel in
molten rivers. The structural fire burned longer than any
other on record. It was not completely extinguished until
December 13.

Structural debris loaded into trucks and then onto barges
and shipped away to the lowest bidders actually amounted to
the destruction of crime scene evidence.

There is more evidence what the came from, however.

Analysis of video made while the buildings "pancaked,"
imploding like any professionally demolished high rise
building, clearly shows that the roofs of the buildings
accelerated at 32 feet per second, per second, the rate of
acceleration of any object free falling due to gravity in
the absence of any impedence or the friction of atmosphere.

The central question is this. Where were the interior
floors, which would have retarded the acceleration?

They were gone. Thermite charges had destroyed them, floor
by floor, as the roof collapsed in on the building.
Enhanced video inspection clearly shows puffs of smoke from
the expertly timed detonations as they fractured the central
structural core of the buildings and the implosion followed

These items and many more are the subject of a detailed
report released on December 15, 2008, by the National
Institute of Structure Technology. The study concludes that
the buildings were not brought down by the heat of burning
jet fuel, but by structural demolition techniques used to
destroy buildings worldwide.

Who could have gotten that kind of explosive material inside
the building?

A major building concern named Turner Construction had a
contract to refurbish the central core structures of both
towers and Building 7 during the months preceding the

Security? That service was provided by a Kuwaiti company
named Securicon, which also provided security at Dulles
International Airport and for such major airlines as United,
American and U.S. Airways. One of President Bush's
cousins served on its board at the time.

All this is covered in a documentary film titled "Loose
Change 9/11: An American Coup," the product of a partnership
between director Dylan Avery, an investigative journalist,
and producer Korey Rowen. Exhibited worldwide, it's
available on DVD and through such video purveyors as

The film starts by reviewing known false flag events that
led to huge wars, touched off coups d'etat, and worldwide
depressions. Events such as the Reichstag fire in Germany,
the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which the film makers
say was a known threat American leadership did not act upon,
imperiling the lives of sailors, Marines and airmen as the
nation slept, and the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which the Nation-
al Security Agency admitted in 2005, did not in fact happen,
are depicted with vintage newsreel footage.

How could such a thing have been done in America?

A war game exercise code named Vigilant Guardian and
Northern Vigilance was directed form the Northeast Air
Defense System (NEADS) at Rome, New York.

Air traffic controllers were instructed that many strange
simulations would take place during the day, exercises that
would mimic an attack on New York City and Washington, D.C.
Airliners sent to attack targes such as the World Trade
Center were interpreted by both military and civilian air
traffic controllers as good guys, bandits from our side sent
to intercept bogies launched by the bad guys.

Military aircraft?


They were simulating war games that had precisely the same
circumstances and conditions as the reality. The bandits
were supposedly American airliners hijacked, filled with
fuel, and flying kamikaze raids with their IFF transponders
turned off and zooming along at high speed under the radar.

The three F-16's at Andrews Air Force Base were scrambled
and sent out over the Atlantic to chase some wild geese
while tactical squadrons from Langley Air Force Base were
sent on a fool's errand to the skies of North Carolina.

The cities were sitting ducks.

Who would do such a thing?

The film makers claim it was a group of high administration
officials known in the late nineties as the Project For the
New American Century.

Listen to the line-up on its board, according to a June,
1997, "Statement of Principles."

Elliott Abrams; Gary Bauer; William J. Bennett; Jeb Bush;
Dick Cheney; Eliot A Cohen; Midge Decier Forbes; Paula
Dobriansky; Steve Forbes; Aaron Friedberg; Francis Fukuyama;
Frank Gaffney; Fred C. Ille; Donald Kagan; Zalmay Kalizad;
L. Lewis Libby; Norman Podhoretz; Dan Quayle; Peter W.
Rodman; Stephen P. Rosen; Henry S. Rowen; Donald Rumsfeld;
Vin Weber; George Weigel; Paul Wolfowitz.

Any of those names sound familiar?

Their principles:

* increase defense spending to "carry out our global
responsiblities today and modernize our armed forces for
the future;
* "strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to
challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values;
* "promote the cause of political and economic freedom
* "accept responsiblity for America's unique rolin in
preserving and extending an internation order friendly to
our security, our prosperity, and our principles."

The writer points various little curiosities such as
President George W. Bush repeatedly saying he remembered
seeing the first jet hit the tower before he arrived at the
Florida elementary school where he was supposedly informed
of the attacks. Nothing like that was broadcast until many
hours later, the writers asserts.

Many witnesses in the Situation Room at the White House
remember Vice President Dick Cheney being there long before
official logs show his arrival.

Barksdale Air Force Base at Shreveport, Louisiana, where the
President waited out most of the disastrous day that
followed, was part of the original war game exercise that
simulated most of what, in fact, did take place.

And, of course, we all know the rest, the WMD's (Weapons of
Mass Disappearance) that the U.N. inspection teams never
could find in Iraq, the war dance and build up to go after
Saddam Hussein and the hunt for Osama bin Laden in the caves
of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The conclusion of the film is simple enough.

"It was an American coup, a violent seizure of power that
changed both foreign and domestic policy."

Viewers are informed that the narrator predicts they will
react in one of two ways.

Either they will adopt an emotion over intellect attitude
and blithely deny any such thing ever happened, or even
could have, or they will calmly ask themselves one simple

What is next? To whom do we turn to investigate mass
murder, treason, and the prosecution of a war on false

Is such a conspiracy unprecedented?

No. Industrialists such as the men who ran Goodyear, Ford,
U.S. Steel, financiers with such Wall Street investment
banks as The Union Bank, Chase and President George W.
Bush's grandfather, Connecticut Senator Prescott Bush, were
shut down when they tried to recruit Major General Smedley
P. Butler, Commandant of the Marine Corps, to head up a coup
against President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

After the general played along, then squealed to
Congressmen, the President quietly cut a deal with the
conspirators, and the incident melted away like snow in

After all, there was a war on at the time.

World War Two.

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