Friday, July 30, 2010

Dewhurst Predicts ObamaCare Will Bust Texas Budget

Washington - Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst told a Washington
audience that federal health care mandates will drive Texas'
budget deeper into the red.

Using widely disputed figures compared to those cited by
Democrats, he told a group of Republican lawmakers that the
Patient Protection and Health Care Act of 2010 will add $27
billion to the state's health care costs over the next

He and fellow lawmakers are facing a multi-billion dollar
state budget deficit this year.

Speaking to the Texas State Society, Mr. Dewhurst predicted
that adding 6.1 million uninsured persons to the Medicaid
rolls will cripple the economy. About 27 percent of the
state's population younger than 65 lack health insurance.

"Arguably, we have to crowd out public education or higher
education to pay for this, or raise taxes," Dewhurst said.
"Those are unsustainable numbers. Totally unsustainable."

But an aide to Rep. Gale Green, D-Houston, who introduced
Mr. Dewhurst at the breakfast, said that the Congressional
Budget Office projects adding the uninsured persons to the
state's health care rolls will cost Texas only $1.4 billion
because the federal government will pick up most of the

In addition, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Urban
Institute estimates that adding l.8 million adults to
Medicade will cost Texas $2.6 billion over the years 2014 to


  1. The Democrats haven't read their own health bill. The Feds will pay 53 cents of each dollar spent, the states will spend 47 cents except for those bastards that got a carve out for their states. Plus, most states are not border states and don't have the kind of growing population that Texas and other borders states have. So it is a perfect storm -- more people to cover with Medicaid, etc and less Federal help to pay for it.

  2. Roger the "perfect storm," Xenophon. I read you five by five.

    The Legendary