Wednesday, July 14, 2010

NAACP Alleges TEA Party "Racism" By Activists

Some call it a move to bring black voters back to the polls

Though pollsters estimate about 90 percent of black people
give President Obama a high approval rating, many feel much
of the black vote was a one-time phenomenon.

Pundits both liberal and convservative nationwide are saying
the NAACP is looking for a way to bring those voters back to
the polls in the November mid-term elections.

National Public Radio publicized a proposed NAACP resolution
today condemning alleged racism in the TEA Party that will
be referred to the NAACP board in the fall.

The controversy first arose when certain black Congressmen
accused TEA Party activists of spitting on them and berating
them with racial slurs during a rally at the Capitol.

Now the TEA Party is fighting back against those

"I don't recall the NAACP ever standing up and saying we
need to civilize discourse when Republicans were in the
White House," said Mark Williams, a TEA Party Express

On the contrary, Mr. Williams accused the NAACP of being

"You're dealing with people who are professional race
baiters, who make a very good living off this kind of thing.
They make more money off of race than any slave trader ever.
It's time groups like the NAACP went to the trash heap of
history where they belong with all the other vile racist
groups that emerged in our history."

In remarks extolling the proposed resolution, NAACP
President Benjamin Jealous issued a challenge to the TEA

"You must expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take
full responsibility for all of their actions," he said. Mr.
Jealous is planning a march and rally at Washington in the
near future, part of a series of rallies aimed at
conservative groups such as the TEA Party.

A Democratic strategist, Jamal Simmons of Washington, D.C.,
said that Mr. Obama's supporters should be accenting why
they are for the things the President is doing while the TEA
Party activists are busy criticizing his policies.

"We've been leaving the President hanging," he said. "The
President's been out there pushing these real solid
policies: health care, jobs stimulus, education reform.
Those of us who consider ourselves to be his allies haven't
been doing our part in being out there and pushing hard
enough against his opponents. Explaining why we're for what
the president is doing while they saying what they're

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