Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama Deporting More Illegals - Violent Go First

Pundits from both ends of the political spectrum are
surprised to learn the Obama White House is deporting more
illegals than the Bush Administration.

The numbers don't lie, but they paint a picture very similarto both administrations.

The smart money is betting the get tough policy is
political insurance paid in advance to try to get
Congressional cooperation for immigration reform.

About 400,000 are expected to go back across the border in
shackles and chains this fiscal year - 10 percent more than
the Bush Administration deported in 2008 and 25 percent more
than made the trip in 2007, according to figures published
in "The Washington Post."

The stated mission is to "make our national laws work," as
the President said in a speech he delivered at American

Why the emphasis on deportation?

This Administration is focusing on illegals with criminal
records, especially for violence. Company audits proceed
apace, with Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents
finding proof on employers' books that certain workers have
not proven their right to be in the U.S. and hold jobs.

But political observers think the difference between the
Bush and Obama White House strategy is to build a solid
track record for enforcement before springing the
proposition for amnesty for those already here and working,
a move bound to please and appease major employers of cross-
border workers sans papers.

Still, the political implications of such a move are
unpalatable in certain segments of the body politic.

Under the Bush proposal, the Congressional backlash was
immediate and highly vocal, causing Dub-yah and company to
beat a hasty retreat.


  1. This is news. Do you have a link to the Washington Post story? How about a dateline on the video? We can deal with amnesty when it comes up. The "bungling of the border" was probably as bad or worse than any military decision made by the Bush administration. I am glad the current administration is actually doing something about it and a 25% increase over 2007 is significant. Instead of questioning motives we should laud the efforts.

  2. Coming right up. The raid on Agriprocessors occurred on May 21. I will link the Washington Post and National Public Radio articles I found on the subject.

    Thank you for your interest.

    The Legendary