Monday, July 26, 2010

ObamaCare Discharge Petition Closer To Passing

"It ain't over 'til it's over." - Yogi Berra

As of this morning, 153 of the 218 U.S. Representatives
required to repeal the ObamaCare law have signed the
discharge petition introduced by Rep. Steven King (R-IA).

Burleson Tea Party activist and founder Angela Cox sent out
a call to Congressional District 17 voters to contact
Representative Chet Edwards urging him to the sign the

Mr. Edwards voted against the bill after voting for a
procedural resolution that allowed the Speaker to deem the
measure passed so it could be sent to the Senate for
approval. Many conservatives saw this as a piece of fancy
footwork designed to appease his constituents who opposed
the proposed law once the required number of votes had been
counted in the House Democratic Caucus.

Some knowledgeable observers see the discharge petition
movement as a similar way for liberal representatives to
mend fences and save face with their more conservative

Others say it is entirely possible that, given the ground
swell of public outrage the ObamaCare law has generated in
red states, it's possible the 218 signatures will be
obtained and the appropriate committees will be directed
under the Rules of the House of Representatives to begin the
process necessary to repeal the law.


Washngton, D. C. office -- 202-225-6105
Waco office -- 254-752-9600
Cleburne office -- 817-645-4743
Bryan Office -- 979-691-8797

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