Saturday, July 10, 2010

U.S. - Israel In "Secret" Nuclear Deal - Haaretz

Global enemies take note of report after Netananyahu D.C. visit

Israeli Army Radio and the venerable daily newspaper Haaretz
reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left the
White House with a secret nuclear deal in his pocket last week.

According to short wave radio reports from many sources and
the American editions of Haaretz and the International
Herald Tribune, the two nations have entered into a
confidential agreement to cooperate.

Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty, something that has caused other countries to refuse
to cooperate with that nation.

But Israeli sources insist that President Barack Obama has
agreed to put the embattled nation on a par with the non-
signatory nations of India and Pakistan in the export of
nuclear materials and technology while resisting efforts by
other nations to single out Israel in the upcoming IAEA
General Conference in September.

The President reportedly told Netanyahu that the conference
can only take place if all countries "feel confident that
they can attend."

Netanyahu has said Israel will not participate because of
trepidations that his nation will be "singled out" in
negotiations for a nuclear-free world.

Haaretz, which is Hebrew for "The Land," is the oldest
newspaper in Israel. It was established in 1918.

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