Friday, July 23, 2010

La. Governor Hits Fed Govt For Drilling Ban

In an appearance before thousands of cheering oil field workers, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said, "The fact that the federal government can't do its job shouldn't cost thousands of Lousianians our jobs."

The remark came after reports have aired
over the past several weeks about how Energy Department officials allowed oil giant British Petroleum to write its own evaluations of its plans to deal with such environmental disasters as the blowout of a well being drilled by Transocean on April 20, recently capped.

To get an Energy Department permit to drill in the mile-deep water, BP officials listed as an expert a scientist who is long since dead. In another section of the evaluation, the company listed as creatures that would be affected by any such disaster as the blowout otters, sea lions and seals, even though none of these species inhabit the Gulf of Mexico. No mention was made of offshore oil workers laid off due to the ban on drilling in waters deeper than 500 feet and their families, fishermen, oystermen and shrimpers.

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