Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rep. Joe Barton Signs ObamaCare Discharge Petition

Only one of 20 Texas Republican Represenatives has yet to
sign the petition that would start the repeal process

Sixth Congressional District Representative Joe Barton
joined 161 others in signing the Discharge Petition that
would allow repeal of ObamaCare Tuesday.

A total of 218 Rerpresentatives must sign the petition to
put the repeal machinery in motion.

Mr. Barton is a native of Waco who opposed the
Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and is joining
his fellow legislators to move the Speaker of the House to
discharge the Committee on Energy and Commerce, Ways and
Means, Education and Labor, Judiciary, Natural Resources,
Rules, House Administration and Appropriations from the
consideration of H.R. 4972 in order to repeal the new law.

A ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee, Mr.
Barton recently made news when he apologized to BP CEO Tony
Hayward for what he termed the $20 billion "shakedown" im-
posed on the petroleum producer and refiner after the Deep-
water Horizon blowout that fouled Gulf Coastmarshes, wetlands
and beaches from Grand Isle to Panama City. He later apolo-
gized for his apology.

The discharge procedure is allowed under "clause 2 of rule XV"
of the House of Representatives for the 111th Congress.

Representative Chet Edwards of Waco, District 17, is the
lone Democrat who voted against the controversial new law,
slated to take effect in 2014, after voting for an even more
controversial resolution that allowed the Speaker to deem
the measure passed for all practical purposes during an
acrimonious debate and late night weekend session.

As of this morning, he has not signed the petition.

Members of Tea Parties and other conservatives flooded the
Capitol Mall and House Office Buildings over a weekend that
saw Speaker Nancy Pelosi order the doors of the Capitol
Building locked and entry barred for further access during
the dramatic hours of the vote that sent the measure on to
the Senate.

Members of the Texas delegation to the House who have so far
signed the petition are:

1. Jeb Hensarling (R), Dallas, District 5
2. Louie Gohmert (R), Tyler, District 1
3. Kenny Marchant (R), Coppel, District 24
4. K. Michael Conaway (R), Midland, District 11
5. Randy Neugebauer (R), Lubbock, District 19
6. Pete Sessions (R), Dallas, District 32
7. Kevin Brady (R), The Woodlands, District 8
8. Pete Olson (R), Sugarland, District 22
9. Mac Thornberry (R), Clarendon, District 13
10.John R. Carter (R), Round Rock, District 31
11.Kay Granger(R), Ft. Worth, District 12
12.Ted Poe (R), Humble, District 2
13.Michael C. Burgess (R), Flower Mound, District 26
14.John Abney Culberson (R), Houston, District 7
15.Ron Paul (R), Surfside, District 14
16.Ralph M. Hall (R), Rockwall, District 4
17.Lamar Smith (R), San Antonio, District 21
18.Sam Johnson (R), Plano, District 3
19.Joe Barton (R), Arlington, District 6

The only Republican Representative who has not so far signed
the petition is Michael McCaul of Austin, District 10.

None of the 9 Democratic Representatives from the Texas dele-
gation have signed the discharge petition.

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