Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dog Days Made Hot For Arizona Governor

Ninth Circuit Refuses Expedited Hearing - Solons Logjammed

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer would like to change the tough
new anti-illegal immigration law following an injunction
from a federal judge.

Her prospects appear to be slim and none any time soon.

President Obama ordered Justice Department lawyers to challenge the state law in federal court and obtained an injuction against month's end enforcement of the central tenets of the law.

Police officers' suspicion of a person's illegal immigration status is not a reasonable or probable cause for their arrest and detention, according to U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton's holding.

Judge Bolton has received numerous death threats at her Phoenix office, according to published reports.

Arizona state lawyers immediately appealed to the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, asking for an expedited hearing in September.
Federal justices slapped the motion down, saying they fail to see the emergency when
U.S. law has been in place under the Constitution since the inception of the nation.

They have scheduled arguments much later, some time in November.

Unchecked immigration presents an emergent danger of permanent damage to the state, Arizona lawyers argued.

The Governor has said she might call a special session of the legislature to amend the law along the guidelines laid out by U.S. District Judge Sue Bolton's injuction.

However, Democrat lawmakers have vowed to withold their support for any such thing and Republican members have indicated they are unwilling to budge from their original

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