Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Demo Party Caucus Officials Air 2008 Delegation Woes

Voices of frustration, outrage cry out for justice in alleged massive caucus fraud

Houston – A growing national groundswell of allegations of voter fraud is starting to be heard in spots such as the Domed City, Chicago, and points east and west.

She still looks puzzled at the funny arithmetic that gave President Barack Hussein Obama a solid edge in convention delegates when his opponent, then Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, garnered 51 percent of votes cast in the 2008 Texas Presidential Primary to Mr. Obama's 47 percent.

Gazing into the camera's unblinking lens, she gestures at the boxes of sign-in sheets obtained through legal action performed by attorneys of Mrs. Clinton, and shrugs.

The numbers just don't add up. They didn't on caucus day and they still don't. The documents prove it.

Her colleagues so depicted chime in with their agreement. They, too, are veterans of that fateful day in 2008 when they desperately tried to make the tallies add up and had to accept the bogus numbers in the dust and smoke of the day.

Many months later, the smoking guns are still stored in brown cardboard boxes.


This story has gone viral in the past few days on blogs and websites nationwide; the scent of blood is in the water; and trial attorneys are starting to line up in anticipation of he distaff elements of the Democratic National Committee – delegates who had committed to nominating Hilary Rodham Clinton - bringing suit against the titular chief of the DNC, and the President, to showcase a strident call to arms.

We wuz robbed!

In one YouTube video after another, caucus officials are starting to make their voices heard.

The allegations are depressingly similar from one venue to another. In Crown Point, Indiana, according to one of the most disturbing and egregious accusations, school kids were bused from one caucus site to another where they autographed the “sign-in” sheets as supporters of Barack Obama, then boarded the school buses and travelled to the next location before being fed lunch and given the rest of the day off from classes.

Did they display their driver's licenses and voter registration cards? No.

After all, they are students in a local public school, according to the allegations.

At precinct locations throughout the Houston area, Democratic Party election officials have come forward to say that caucus delegates were met outside the meeting rooms, offered sign-in sheets to autograph with their identification noted, and turned away from the rooms where Barack Obama supporters were already signing in improperly and omitting the proper identification.

The problem: they were not really properly delegated to the caucus, but were actually interlope poseurs fronted by agents provocateurs in the foyers and lobbies of the caucus chambers, according to numerous allegations.

In other locations, the proper delegates to the caucus were met at the doors and told they were in the wrong place as they arrived on time, then directed to some bogus location where there was, in fact, no such gathering. All the while, Obama supporters were inside the caucus chamber casting bogus nominations without giving proper identification or voter registration information that showed they had voted that day – as required by Democratic Party rules.

Look for further heat and light on the subject as a near chemical reaction is starting to take place in Democratic test tubes throughout the nation. Meanwhile, the staff attorney of the owlish round glasses, the once and future Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, the stoic young lady who sat behind the man of the dancing eyebrows, Senate Watergate Select Committee Chairman Sam Ervin, that old country lawyer from Nawth Cah-lina, is waiting in the wings with the evidence she so carefully preserved from the magic and the dust of history on Super Tuesday, 2008.

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