Saturday, September 11, 2010

Church Of The Dove Will "Not Ever" Burn Quaran

Western leaders heaved a sigh of relief, Islamic leadership
watched warily and the world walked on as if nothing had
ever happened.

In fact, it never did happen, this dreaded thing threatened
by one misguided preacher and his flock who grabbed the tail
and wagged the dog over the course of the summer.

Six p.m. EST came and went and not one puff of smoke from a
symbolic pyre laden with Quarans smudged the skies of
Gainesville, Florida.

Pastor Terry Jones' visit to New York with Imam Mohammed
Musri convinced he and his congregation of 50 families that
it would not be a good idea to burn the book of Islamic Holy
writ, the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed, now, or ever.

His controversial plans prompted massive protests throughout
the Islamic world, threats to U.S. soldiers occupying
Afghanistan and Iraq, and personal appeals from the
President, the Pope, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and
General David Petraeus to not go through with the plans.

Pastor Jones has authored a book entitled "Islam Is Of The
Devil," sponsored political rallies protesting "No homo
Mayor," and preached a Pentecostal brand of Christianity in
which he sees himself and his flock in active mortal combat
with Satan forces.

On Thursday, he first agreed not to burn the Quarans, then
recanted his decision, saying he had been double-crossed by
representatives of the Imam who is planning a mosque and
Islamic center a few blocks from Ground Zero where Arabian
zealots under the direction of the radical conservative
Islamic sect Al Quaeda carried an attack on the World Trade
Center twin towers that caused the two buildings the burn,
then collapse while another, Building 7, seemed to implode
and collapse on its own following fires that burned for 8
hours in its interior.

By Friday, he was back at it again, threatening anew a con
flagaration of 20 of the holy books donated by followers world-

These are the only steel-framed buildings ever known to have
collapsed because of fire, according to strucutural
engineers and architects.

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