Wednesday, September 15, 2010

TEA Party Candidate Edges Liberal Republican

Obama “Birthers,” anti-masturbation forces sweep the nomination

Wilmington – An ultra-conservative political commentator and marketing specialist defeated an establishment GOP Representative for the nomination as Delaware's next U.S. Senator.

Christine O'Donnell, with solid Tea Party backing and a platform that includes hard core Christian values, dealt a blow to a “company” politician, U.S. Representative Mike Castle, former Governor of the state and the hand-picked candidate to succeed Pierre S. DuPont, IV, in that office, as well as that of U.S. Representative.

He is an attorney and a colleague of Mr. Dupont, likewise an attorney, and a direct descendant of Benjamin Franklin.

Ms. O'Donnell stuck to a campaign emphasizing constitutionally limited government, extreme distaste with corporate back room wheeling and dealing and such liberal political agenda items as the DISCLOSE Act and Cap and Trade, for which Mr. Castle voted as one of only a handful of GOP Representatives to do so during a season of rigid polarity on both sides of the aisle.

Mr. Castle was also one of only a few Representatives to vote for the impeachment of President George W. Bush under an ill-fated bill of particulars introduced by Congressmen Dennis Kucinich and Robert Wexler. The proposal cited Mr. Bush's justification for the invasion of Iraq, the treatment of prisoners of war and the detention of suspected terrorists at such offshore prisons as Guantanamo Bay.

The measure never made it out of committee before the end of the Bush Administration in the general elections of 2008.

Ms. O'Donnell gained national notoriety in the 90's when she spoke out against masturbation on MTV, calling for pre-marital purity and for youth to eschew “lust in the heart.”

Tea Party officials called for the National Republican Senatorial Committee to reconsider its previous decision to not support Ms. O'Donnell's effort to capture the Senate seat in a general election contest.

“We encourage the NRSC to take a night off, get some sleep, and reconsider their rash statements,” said Tea Party Express spokesman Levi Russell in a written statement.

“Wake up, NRSC. The reason the Tea Party movement has grown into such a powerful force is because of the failures of establishment organizations such as yours to honor the principles of the Republican Party platform. You tried to force through the most liberal Republican in Congress on the voters of Delaware and they rejected you.”

The national committee has made it clear that it will look to Sarah Palin and other Tea Party operatives to raise money for Tea Party Senatorial candidates.

Said Democratic National Chairman Tom Kaine, “Today the Republican Party has shown just how far right it has moved.”

The slate now stands at three Tea Party-backed Senatorial candidates, including Ms. O'Donnell, vying for hot seats in a chamber narrowly controlled by Democrats. They are Joe Miller of Alaska and Sharron Angle of Nevada.

They will need a total of 10 new GOP Senators to take back the upper hand in the world's most exclusive millionaires' club, the U.S. Senate.

Ovid Lamontaigne, a Tea Party-backed candidate, took the lead in the polls in the race for the New Hampshire Senate seat.

This video of a complete disruption of a Town Hall meeting hosted by Representative Castle during the raging debate over the ObamaCare bill went viral during the early Spring months.

Voters outraged over an allegedly questionable nativity of President Barack Obama stood and recited the Pledge of Allegiance, forcing the Representative to do likewise, as they dominated the meeting's agenda and subverted all discussion in favor of raising hell over what they perceive as deception on the President's behalf regarding where, exactly, he was born.


  1. Establishment Republicans still cannot accept that they failed "We, the People." They saw the Party as a vehicle to get and hold on to power only. Never mind that the Democrat Party was hijacked by openly socialists, Marxists, and even Communists and they did little except compromise to the left and to join in with Democrats to add to our problems. In other words, they had no principles to uphold.They sold us out. Then came the financial meltdown they participated in engineering. They assisted Democrats in shoving Health Care, cap-and-trade, nationalization of student loans, the financial services bill that ignored Fannie and Freddie, etc. So in the end, there was one choice-- get active in politics and restore the social contract known as the Constitution. We work, we follow the law, we pay our taxes, we support charities, we take care of our families, and we're there for our friends. And we look to the ruling elites and see that they ignore the law, consider the Constitution an impediment, they use the Commerce clause to try to strip our freedoms, don't pay their taxes, and lie to us at every opportunity. So they break the social contract but expect us to hold to our end? Not so. What last night demonstrates is what many of us in the grassroots know -- that there is a New Republican Party. And this Party is devoted and emotionally, physically, and financially committed to the old "liberal" ideas of 1776. Obamunists, progressive Democrats, and RINO's might as well go sleep in the same camp because we now are setting up our own camp to oppose them on every block, every street, and every city they have spoiled. This camp is the New Republican party. Good government Democrats will never be able to retake their party. And we understand why they would not be part of an Old Republican Party. So let them be Independents, but they want good government as much as we do, so let us put forward candidates that will make a difference. Not just "electable" candidates that will turn and sell us out again. Today we engage with ballots -- and will wait to see if those return the elites to the social contract. If not -- we will be prepared for that too.