Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Behold – This Is A Close-Up Of Peace In Our Time

Jerusalem - Israeli published reports say that Arab rockets fired across the Gaza Strip fence - on orders from Iran - are designed to torpedo the peace talks in Washington, now only a few hours old.

The attack injured 4 on the Israeli side of the fence.

According to Palestinian sources, at least 3 people were injured in air attacks launched on Gaza by the Israelis in retaliation.

An Israeli military spokesman said the attack was aimed at a tunnel complex "dug toward" Israel, according to Al Jazeera.

Hamas, a militant militia that routed forces loyal to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said it is opposed to the permanent peace deal the President is trying to work out with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The latest round of peace negotiations failed when Mr. Abbas withdrew after Israel launched a series of raids on Gaza in December, 2008.

According to reports in the Jerusalem “Post,” any deal would likely involve demands for an Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories of the West Bank, prompting an occupation by UN forces.

“Israel is reluctant to agree to the deployment of such a force. First, in light of the failures in southern Lebanon, it does not have much faith in multinational forces,” wrote Yaakov Katz in a news analysis for the “Post.”

“The attack sends a clear message that the peace talks are not accepted by all of the parties and that some – particularly Hamas and Islamic Jihad, under direction from Iran – will do no good and keep them not only from succeeding, but from taking place at all.”

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