Friday, September 10, 2010

Homegrown Terrorists Find America's Achilles Heel

America has no real strategy to uncover homegrown

Calling such crimes as the killing of 12 soldiers at Ft.
Hood by a trigger happy Islamic psychiatrist and the
attempted Christmas Eve airliner bombing international
terror attacks, two of the former leaders of the 9/11
Commission issued a new report today.

They are calling for the creation of a new security agency
devoted to unmasking native Americans of Islamic extraction
who just might be planning to attack an attack inside the
borders of their own nation.

According to Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, "Our long-held
belief that homegrown terrorism couldn't happen here has
thus creted a situation where we are today stumbling blindly
through legal, operational and organizational minefield of
countering terrorist radicalization and recruitment occuing
in the United States."

Targets include jetliners, American hotel chains, Jewish-
owned places of business or worship, Israeli government
locations and U.S. soldiers, even at their own bases here in

It is no longer safe to just assume that suicide attacks are
impossible inside the borders of the nation, the report

They termed the attack of Dr. Nidal Hasan on his fellow
troopers at Ft. Hood to be a suicide mission, something the
doctor had written about extensively in e-mails and internet
bulletin boards. Dr. Hasan is a native of Arlington,

The year 2009 was a deadly one for U.S. soldiers, who were under
attack at military bases on U.S. soil

Federal prosecutors in September charged two North Carolina men
for allegedly conspiring to kill personnel at the U.S. Marine
Corps base at Quantico, seeking to attack U.S. forces at home if
they could not overseas.

In June, Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American Muslim
convert, allegedly shot and killed one soldier and wounded
another at a military recruiting center at Little Rock, Ark., in
what he said was retaliation for U.S. counterterrorism policies

Also this year, the last of five men was sentenced in April to 33
years in prison for planning to kill soldiers at Fort Dix, N.J.,
a plot inspired by foreign terrorist groups.

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