Thursday, September 2, 2010

Human Trafficking Through The War Zone - A Bus Ride

Illegal aliens travel a perilous road to the land of the Big PX

Anyone who sees this as anything other than a dispatch from
a war zone needs to read it again. Think about it. Then
read it again.
- Ed.

In The Valley of the Rio Grande - My wife came up from our
home near Monterrey on the bus.

They stopped the bus four different times.

The locales, the local police, the guys in the blue
uniforms, they stopped the bus four different times, she

They made everyone get off the bus, then they searched them
and took all the money they could find on them.

The kids coming up from the interior to find work? They
took all their money.

Finally, she said, at the last place they made the bus
driver stop, the customs checkpoint about 25 miles south of
the border, this one kid had only 20 pesos left in his

He told them he didn't have any papers, so they took him
inside the building and searched him. That's what the bus
driver told her.

They took the 20 pesos away from him, too.

That's the way they do it.

Dispatch: Massacre in Mexico and Human Trafficking | STRATFOR

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