Saturday, September 4, 2010

Islamic Leaders Scramble To Prevent 9/11 Violence

In small street demonstrations from coast to coast, the
Islamic faithful are doing all they can to try to change the perception of their religion.

They want to prevent violence and acts of terror by both
sides on the anniverary of the 9/11 attacks on the World
Trade Center and the Pentagon.

One of the most cited and feared planned events is The
Church of the Dove's vow to burn copies of the Quran on that date.

A Florida preacher has long inveighed that Islam, which
means "peace" in Arabic, is "of the devil."
He has led
demonstrations against the religion and its followers at his Gainesville, Florida, church and in the streets of the
Sunshine State's malls, amusement parks and tourist

Advance news notices about his plans have drawn huge response in protest from Islamic followers nationwide.

At the state fair in Minnesota, Islamic faithful handed out
leaflets with a detailed description of the religion's
central tenets in hopes they can forestall any violence,
especially by their own adherents.

Said a fairgoer who declined a leaflet as she left the
fairgrounds, "What are they doing here? I didn't come here
for that."

In New York, Islamic practitioners have held vigils near the
site of the planned Islamic Center that is located two
blocks from Ground Zero. The old building will be remodeled
to house a new mosque and Islamic study center.

They are concerned that there might be violence from either
side, especially bigoted Christians who might have the wrong
idea about a religion that dictates its followers must go
into the world with the sword in one hand and the Quran in
the other, converting those who will follow and condemning
those who will not.

Imams had preached for several years prior to the 9/11
attacks that America and Israel represent "the great Satan"
and that they believed it was time to attack. Most of the
nearly 3,000 who lost their lives in the assault on the
World Trade Center were of the Jewish faith. The huge
buildings housed many of the world's money traders and
securities brokers.

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  1. They are the enemy of all of the western world.