Saturday, September 11, 2010

State Dept. Plans To Melt Tens Of Thousands Of M1's

Millions of GI's who were once married to a U.S. Rifle, Cal.
30, Springfield, will be (check one):
[]bereft to learn the Department of State is blocking the
government of S. Korea from selling thousands of the vintage
rifles to collectors eager to sell them to civilian marksmen.

Retailing at about $2,000 for a factory original copy today,
the rifle was designed by a Canadian-born employee of the
Springfield Armory, John Garand, and was described by
General George S. Patton as "the greatest battle implement
ever devised."

It has a range of 4,300 meters and an effective combat range
of 400 meters, fires a 150-grain bullet and is fed by an
"eight-ball" stripper clip of 8 rounds of ball ammunition
with full metal jacket.

The first semiautomatic combat rifle ever to be issued to
troopers of any nation, it was originally designed to be
magazine fed and closely resembled what was eventually
designated as the M-14. The M-1 was manufactured by
Winchester, Harrington & Richards, Springfield Armory and
other arms manufacturers, starting in 1939.

The Department of State has confirmed to Washington, D.C.,
publications that it is considering "alternative options" to
allowing the importation and wholesaling to licensed FFL's
of the vintage rifle and its little brother, the M1 Carbine
developed by Winchester Arms and manufactured under
government licensing by such diverse organizations as the
Inland Motor Division of General Motors, Smith-Corona, and

"Alternative options" is code for disassembly of these
ultra-accurate, rugged and proven rifles and melting all
that valuable steel for use as manhole covers, boiler plate
and the like.

The Legendary says, in case of enemy attack, fling manhole
covers at the invaders.

Under the Civilian Marksmanship Program administered by the
Department of Defense Director of Civilian Marksmanship, two
armories, one in Alabama and the other in Ohio, sell the
rifles in various conditions and grades to qualified
civilians for use in marksmanship training programs.

This would be unacceptable to the Hillary Rodham Clinton
State Department, according to published reports.


  1. We absolutely cannot have a flood of Garands & carbines coming into this country. After all, they were used by people who said "No" to Hirohito, to Hitler, to Mussolini,to Kim Il-sung, to Mao Zedong. They were also used to say "You had better not" to Stalin and others around the world at that time. So when you think about it, it would be a terrible idea if they were to fall in Republicans' hands -- after all, the Republicans are the "Party of No".

  2. Zounds! Let me write that down. The GOP is the party that just says no to tyranny? I like the sound of that. That I do.

    Oh, hand me down my M1 Garand, Oh, hand me down...etc.

    The Legendary