Thursday, September 9, 2010

Angered, Pastor Considering Burning Qurans As Planned

Pastor Terry Jones of the Worldwide Church of the Dove
prayed for a sign from God.

He thought he received one when he mistakenly believed the
Imam planning a mosque and Islamic Center to be located two
blocks from Ground Zero had promised to change the location
of the proposed project.

As it turns out, the Imam says he never made any such promise.

Now Pastor Jones thinks he was double crossed.

He just might burn those 20 Quarans, anyway, he said.

After he had recanted his decision to burn 20 of the books of
holy writ donated by supporters, he learned it was all a

He and the Imam who leads Islamic followers in Central
Florida have a meeting scheduled with the New York Imam on
9/11. But there is no agreement to move the site of the
proposed mosque, after all.

Therefore, the sign from God he was looking for seems to
have fallen through.

The affair has raised an international firestorm among
Islamic people and triggered numerous appeals from world
leaders, including the Pope, President Barack Obama, and
Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

U.S. officials including the general in command of troops in
Afghanistan say if the preacher goes through with his rash
plans, it will definitely put the lives of American service
men in jeopardy.

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