Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hillary Clinton Sees Insurgency In Mexican Cartels

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton termed the
violence of Mexican drug cartels as "indices of

In remarks to the Council on Foreign Relations, Mrs. Clinton
said Mexico is starting to look like Colombia 20 years ago.

Mexican officials were quick to disagree.

"We don't share this opinion," said Alejandro Poire,
national security spokesman.

He said that at one time, 40 percent of Colombia was
controlled by drug traffickers. Mexico has not fallen to the
same level of political infiltration by drug cartels.

Mrs. Clinton called for a more vigorous U.S. presence in
Central America.

Beheadings, hangings and shootings are run of the mill.
Lately, car bombs directed at federal police have taken the
top spot in the violence. More than 28,000 have died since
50,000 Mexican troops were assigned 4 years ago to fight
drug cartels.

Two policemen investigating the mass slaughter of 72 people
from Central American countries at a Tamaulipas ranch
disappeared. One of them was found a week later, his body
dumped on a nearby road.

Three mayors have been murdered in the past month by drug

Gunmen wearing masks burst into the office of Mayor
Alexander Lopez yesterday, opening fire as he sat talking
with visitors. Mr. Lopez was the mayor of El Naranjo, a city
in San Luis Potosi state. On August 18, the body of the
mayor of Santiago, a town in Nuevo Leon, was found. In
Hidalgo, a town in Tamaulipas, the mayor was shot dead on
August 29.

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