Friday, September 3, 2010

Ex-Con Harlem Pastor Warns Of White Revolution

A Harlem pastor is predicting a "Patrick Henry style" white revolution in the near future, a backlash against the "long legged mac daddy," President Barack Hussein Obama.

In remarks on YouTube, he referred to the black backlash following the soft ball verdicts handed down against the Los Angeles policemen who beat Rodney King.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," he said. White people will really turn over a can of the proverbial kick butt, he predicts, because "they're mad as hell they aren't going to take no more."

For this and other bodacious statements he's made, he has
been banned from making any further postings on You Tube.

An original birther, ex-con, object of Homeland Security
investigations and IRS probes who claims routinely the CIA
is sending men in plain Jane Chevies wearing trench coats to
bird dog his Atlah Ministries, James David Manning, Ph.D.,
has been thumping on the tubs against the President since
the primaries of 2008.

In fact, he is the scourge of liberal New York, having
aroused the ire of Harlem "community leaders" with his
incessant calls for boycotting local businesses and his
denunciation of the gentrification of the venerable black

A horrified "New York Times" feature writer remarked in a
profile about the pastor that he would prefer to see Harlem
property values go down - not up, but down - and works
actively to that end by calling for boycotts of black-owned
businesses and rental properties.

No one is sure just how long the good Doctor - he bestowed
his doctorate upon himself through the auspices of his own Atlah
World Seminary - will remain a fixture on YouTube.

I give you the man known as "The black Glenn Beck." Get it
while it's hot.

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